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Summer Camp

Summer Camp - Kids with dragon

Archaeology of Ancient Civilizations

Ages: 10 – 12


Uncover the mysteries of history at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology!  Time travel into the past and discover the wonders of the ancient world.  This STEM based camp will investigate Ancestral Puebloan, ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Maya societies through hands-on exploration of material culture.  A field trip to the UNM Office of Contract Archaeology is included for a simulated site excavation and laboratory analysis of findings lead by a group of experts at the lab.  Campers will discover the scientific principles of archaeological methods, interact with some fun technology for a trip to ancient ruins around the world, and explore archaeoastronomy and ancient architecture.  If you dig archaeology, join us for a week long archaeology adventure!


The Wonders of World Cultures

Ages: 7 – 9


Discover a diversity of world cultures at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology! Understand and appreciate the customs and traditions of people from around the world by experiencing them through drama, storytelling, music and art.  Inspired by the large Maxwell Museum education collection of hands-on objects, costumes, instruments and more, and connecting with special guests from the community, campers will create an engaging space to explore and discover.   Participants will share their experiences on the last day with dramatic and visual presentations.  Join us for an exciting culture quest!


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