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Check-out Kits

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Our Educational Checkout Kits are available to borrow on a bi-weekly basis. You are responsible for the pick-up and return of all contents. $15 per group for two weeks.

Egypt: The Gift of the Nile

Egypt Trunk

Recommended Ages: Grades 5-8

Now available! Egypt loan kit and grade 5-8 curriculum!

A study of Egypt provides an incredible look at one of the earliest and most fascinating world cultures. This kit features historical evidence learned from monuments, artifacts, inscriptions, writings, and preserved human remains. The kit includes authentic objects from Egypt, musical instruments, game boards, hieroglyphs, flashcards, worksheets, and more for educators to present an evidence based exploration of Egyptology.

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Download Egypt Curriculum


Geraldine Introduces Weaving - Goat in the Rug

Goat in the Rug

Recommended Ages: Pre-K – 5th grade

Discover how people of the Southwest produce a variety of textiles.  Kit includes teacher’s guide, story book, puppet, weaving supplies, and enough looms for 30 students.


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Southwest Treasure Box

SW Treasure materials

Recommended Ages: 3rd - 5th grade

Explore the history and culture of New Mexico using this kit.  Includes teacher’s guide and student book with interdisciplinary activities and lessons in Social Studies, Art, Math, Science and Language Arts.


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El Agua es Vida - Acequias in New Mexcio

Acequias kit materials

Recommended Ages: Grades 3 - 8

This kit will allow students to explore the acequia tradition through thematic units. Through modeling, role play, creative writing and more, the experience of managing and using water for agriculture will come alive.

North by Southwest: Bering Sea Adventures

Bering Sea cultural artifacts

Recommended Ages: 3rd – 5th grade

Discover the culture, lifestyle and environment of the people of Alaska living along the Bering Sea coast.  Kit includes a teacher’s guide and artifacts from the region.


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Download North by Southwest Curriculum


China kit materials

Recommended Ages: K-12th grade

This interdisciplinary kit contains authentic and replicated treasures to explore fascinating Chinese history and culture both past and present. The associated K-12 curriculum contains lessons to use the objects as well as instructions for making projects.  Perfect for a unit on Ancient Civilizations.

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Download China kit curriculum


The Santero Tradition

Santero related Items

Recommended Ages: all ages

Study Hispanic devotional art from an ethnographic perspective.  Learn about the origins of this artistic tradition and consider the cultural significance of the Catholic saints. 

Activity Options:

Painting Retablos: Use this drawing exercise to practice "observing."  Each individual will complete a small cardboard "retablo."  (Recommended for 2nd grade and up.)

Tinwork  (Add $10.00 per group for materials): Make a small frame from light gauge aluminum.   (Difficult for young hands.)


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Los Maya

Los Maya materials

Recommended Ages: K – 8th grade

Explore the world of ancient and contemporary Maya people through hands-on activities, stories, art projects and more.  This kit contains a teacher’s guide and curriculum, resources, and activities covering history, culture, science, art and math.

Download Inventory of Contents

Download Weaving Generations Together: Education Resource Guide