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Object Monday: Striped pictorial Navajo weaving

MMA 99.106.7

MMA 99.106.7


This rug features six broad red bands each holding four striped lizards (possibly skinks), depicted in black with yellow eyes and white stripes running from the head to the tip of the tail.  Pairs of lizards face the central axis of the weaving and the rows are separated by symmetrical bands of black, brown, tan and yellow stripes, woven of undyed and dyed wool.  The outer stripe on one end has a red background with alternating diagonal blocks of  white, brown, black, teal, and tan. This finely woven rug has 8 warp threads and 20 wefts to the inch.  It was donated to the Maxwell in 1999 by Jeanne House, one of a group of early 20th century weavings she and her father collected.

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Object: Striped pictorial weaving
Artist:  unknown
Culture: Diné (Navajo)
Size: 160 x 94.5 cm
Date: 1920s-1940s?
Collection: Ethnology, Donated by Jeanne C. Huouse
MMA 99.106.7

See also: Marian Rodee, 1987, Weaving of the Southwest From the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. West Chester, PA:  Schiffer Publishing.