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Excursion to Guadelupe Ruin

Hiking to Guadelupe ruin
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 8:00am
Meet at the Maxwell Museum
$70 per person, $15 optional van, Friends discount, UNM Tuition Remission accepted
Nasario Garcia & Tom Windes

Guadalupe Ruin is a single story, fifty room masonry pueblo. It sits one hundred sixty feet above the Rio Puerco Valley floor on an isolated sandstone mesa, between the Tapia and Salado Canyons. Guadelupe Ruin’s earliest occupation is dated from AD 920-1130. The hike up to Guadalupe Ruin is steep in places, moderate hiking skills required.The road to Guadalupe ruin contains what remains of Guadalupe Village, home to Hispanic families for generations. A stop at the village will bring to life what fiestas were like 70-80 years ago in the Rio Puerco Valley.

Historian Nasario Garcia grew up in the Río Puerco Valley southeast of Chaco Canyon. As a scholar and creative writer, he has published 23 books, including numerous bilingual books, among them The Naked Rainbow and Other Stories (UNM Press), Southwest Book of the Year, Tucson Pima County Public Library; and Old Las Vegas: Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands (Texas Tech U. Press), Southwest Book Award, Border Regional Library Association. An Emeritus Professor of Spanish Language and Literature, Dr. García currently resides in Santa Fe.

Archaeologist Tom Windes field work began with Florence Hawley Ellis in the Chama River Valley in 1969. As part of the Chaco Project of the National Park Service and University of New Mexico, Windes led a survey crew that helped create a cultural resource inventory of the entire Chaco Canyon National Monument (32 sq. mi.). He excavated in Basketmaker III sites and shrines, at Pueblo I sites and stone circles in 1974, and finally as the field supervisor for the excavations at Pueblo Alto. Windes helped start the Chaco Wood Project that inventoried and documented every visible piece of wood in the Chaco Culture great houses (approximately 8,000 pieces). He retired from the National Park Service after 35 years but continues to research Chacoan chronology, settlement, and origins. Tom has been leading excursions to sites throughout the southwest since 1980.


8:15 am Depart the Maxwell Museum
10:30 am Tour Guadalupe Ruin
1:00 pm Tour Guadalupe Village
5:00 pm Arrive at Maxwell Museum


For More information and reservations call 505 277-1400 or