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Explore Native American Culture

Pueblo Pottery

Compare and contrast the many types of Pueblo pottery. Identify the different Pueblo groups. Learn about the materials and techniques used to make a pot by participating in one of the following activities:

Activity Options:  

Yucca Paintbrush: Use stone scrapers to make paintbrushes from yucca leaves.  (This is an easy activity for all ages.)

Clay Pot (Add $10.00 per group for materials): Includes enough clay for each person to make a pot based on the traditional coil technique.  (Recommended for 3rd grade and up.)

Weaving in the Southwest

Discover how the people of the Southwest used their environment to produce a variety of baskets and textiles.  Participate in one of the following activities and experience the complexity and skill involved in the weaving process: 

Activity Options: 

Paper Weaving: Use paper strips to make mats or baskets.  (Baskets are challenging for young hands.)

Loom Kit (Add $10.00 per group for materials): Includes one cardboard loom per individual plus enough yarn to complete a small rug.  (Recommended for 4th grade and up.)

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