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Museum Field Trips

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Call 277-2924 or email for more information.

Docent Led Tours

$10 per group (program fees waived for Title I schools)

Although you are welcome to visit our galleries without an appointment, consider a docent presentation. We want your experience to be as positive as possible. Therefore, we limit group size to 30 and we expect four adults to chaperone school groups.

People of the Southwest

This exhibition celebrates the cultural history of the Southwest, especially the close relationship southwestern people have had with the land around them. The People of the Southwest exhibition includes a collection of pottery from the Colorado Plateau to the Sonoran desert dated 975 -1.600 CE, with samples of prehistoric Mimbres, Cibola, Rio Grande and Casas Grandes objects.  A reconstruction in the Museum illustrates how archaeological sites commonly look when they are being excavated.

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Explore the aspects of modern humanity that makes us unique and successful tracing the path of evolution through the past four million years. Walking on two legs, and the use of tools, symbols, and language have their own evolutionary trajectory throughout the era of human emergence. All of these traits, along with other unique human behaviors, merged to produce that complex biological and cultural creature we know as Homo sapiens.

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North Gallery

"Nothing Left for Me": Federal Policy and the Photography of Milton Snow in Diné Bikéyah 03/04/24 - 03/03/25

This exhibition examines the impact of the brutal Navajo Livestock Reduction Program on Diné communities and homelands. Hired by the Navajo Service in 1937, non-native photographer Milton Snow produced thousands of images of Diné people, homes, and landscapes that were intended to provide proof that federal technologies “rehabilitating” Navajo lands and lives. Instead, Snow’s photographs show us radically harmed and altered communities, landscapes, and homes. This exhibition foregrounds Diné perspectives on the intersecting and ongoing legacies of both photography and American colonialism.

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Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided visits are free. We ask that groups call the education department to check our calendar and assign a date and time for your group, exclusive of any other groups. We recommend large groups divide into smaller groups of about 25-30 total people and stagger their entry every 30-45 minutes.

Download our guidelines for group visits.


Consider using the following gallery guides for a structured visit for school groups.

Ancestors Gallery Guide

People of the Southwest Gallery Guide

Object Analysis Worksheet K-4

Object Analysis Worksheet 5-8

Object Analysis Worksheet 9-12

We are happy to coordinate signed language interpreters for tours through UNM's Accessibilty Resource Center. 
Please let us know if you require an interpreter for your visit 1-2 week in advance.