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How to Volunteer

Give your most precious gift - your time - and help the Maxwell reach its new goals

Be part of our change! With our new mission of “working toward greater understandings of the fullness of human experiences in the Southwest and the world,” and our commitment to the “3Rs” of Reconciling injustices, Restoring voices, and Realizing community, the Maxwell Museum is changing.  As expressed in our 2020-2023 Strategic Framework and Maxwell Museum Code of Ethics, the Museum acknowledges the problematic history of anthropology and anthropology museums, particularly in the history of engagement with Indigenous communities, and looks to shape a more just and equitable, future.

If you support these commitments and share our values of integrity, courage, humility, inclusivity, dynamism, curiosity, and passion for learning, consider joining us in this work by applying to become a volunteer.

We welcome people ages 18 and over who want to contribute to the Maxwell’s work, mission, the 3Rs, and the above values.  Moreover, Maxwell employees adhere to a Code of Ethics. Volunteers are required to adhere to the same standards that apply to all staff and are subject to requirements specified in the Code of Ethics.

Volunteering at the Maxwell Museum will enrich your life and will make an important contribution in advancing the Maxwell Museum’s cultural, educational, and research mission. In addition, volunteers who contribute 50 or more hours in a year are awarded a Friends of the Maxwell membership at the Curator's Circle level in recognition of their service.

If you’re ready to apply for a volunteer position, we invite you to browse the available opportunities in many aspects of museum work. (Click on the program titles below for more details). 

Volunteer Opportunities