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Summer Camp

Kids at Summer Camp

Space for the week of July 12 still remains and scholarships are available. Register today!

The Maxwell Museum education department will offer virtual summer camp sessions while the museum remains temporarily closed. Virtual Summer Camps will be led by Maxwell Museum educators on Zoom. Participants should have access to a wifi-enabled device with a camera. Price includes a supply kit of materials necessary for each session's activities available for pick-up from the Maxwell Museum. Summer camp flyer

DATES: July 12-16, 2021

DAYS: Monday - Friday

TIME: 1-4 pm **Please note the time change from our earlier post!**

AGES: Childen ages 6-12

PRICE: $25/child/session. $100/child for one week

***Scholarships are available! Call for details.***

Call 277-2924 or email Amy Grochowski, Curator of Education at for more information and to register. Or download and complete this form and mail it in with your payment. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the camp.


Archaeology Adventure

June 21, repeats July 12

What is Anthropology and Archaeology? Explore how researchers study human culture and ancestors. Learn how scientists map sites and uncover human history. Try your hand at piecing together the past and analyzing artifacts.

Pottery Past and Present

June 22, repeats July 13

Learn about pottery and its history in the Southwest. Explore the different ways pottery is made and the functions it serves. Design, sculpt and paint your own pottery and get your hands on history!

The Wonderful World of Weaving

June 23, repeats July 14

What is weaving and why is it important? Learn about different ways cultures around the world use weaving to make baskets, textiles and more. Explore the Maxwell Museum's collection of Navajo rugs and make your own weaving.

Instruments Around the World

June 24, repeats July 15

Experience the joy of folk music of different cultures and make your own instruments. Sing, dance and hear music from around the world!

Egypt Explorers

June 25, repeats July 16

Discover the rich ancient history of Egypt. Virtually tour the pyramids, decode hieroglyphs and make an Egyptian cartouche and sistrum.