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Ask the Maxwell Friday: The Ravens of Calvert Bowannie

Black Marble Raven (Photo by Zong Moua)

Black Marble Raven (Photo by Zong Moua)

Ask the Maxwell

Mary W. asks – Who are some Native artists featured in your gift shop?

Zuni fetish carvings are among the most popular items in the Maxwell Museum Store. From bears, to lizards, to wolves, and more, we work to provide a diverse range of fetish carvings to choose from. Here, we highlight one of the store’s most popular carvings – the ravens of Calvert Bowannie.

Calvert Bowannie carves ravens out of black marble, incorporating hints of turquoise in the eyes. Mr. Bowannie also uses mother of pearl or turquoise for accents on the wings and often adds a red bead to represent a red berry in the raven’s mouth. The intricacy of his carvings has made them among of the most popular items in our shop and we are happy to share them with you.

What does the raven fetish carving represent? From Pueblo Direct: Raven is clever and represents magic and transformation. He is a messenger of great mystery and represents a change in consciousness. He helps guide us through the darkest of times.

Click here to purchase one of Calvert Bowannie’s raven fetishes.

Post by Christian Duran