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Research Wednesday: Tijeras Pueblo 1970s Excavations, Room Block 3

Plan of Tijeras Pueblo

Plan of Tijeras Pueblo showing construction phases. Room Block 3 on left.

Current Research

The Maxwell Museum Technical Papers series edited by David Phillips presents rich research reports on archaeological field projects and analyses of the collections they generate. Reports can be downloaded for free at

Completed in draft form by the late Lucy C. Schuyler, Volume 34, Part 3, of the Maxwell Museum's Technical Series, Tijeras Pueblo 1970s Room Excavations: Part 3: Room Block 3, was brought to completion by Jean Ballah and Series editor David A. Phillips, Jr.  The volume contues the descriptive report and finding guide for the excavations conducted by UNM at Tijeras Pueblo during the 1970s.

Tijeras Pueblo (LA581) is a Pueblo III-IV site located about 15 miles east of Albuquerque. UNM archaeologists conducted six field schools at the site from 1971 to 1976, under the supervision of W. James Judge (1971-1973) and Linda S. Cordell (1974-1976).

To produce her volumes, Lou Schuyler undertook the massive task of organizing and integrating information from thousands of documents and records curated in the Maxwell Museum Archives.. These include: field forms, student notebooks, site plans, sketch maps, artifact records, catalog cards, photographs, and unpublished and published reports. The result is a detailed room by room compilation of all extant information on more than 130 excavated rooms. Taken together, these volumes provide an incomparable resource for descendent communities, archaeologists and members of the public wishing to learn more about this important site. 

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