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Education Tuesday: Moon Dragon!

Moon Dragon and Lulu

Moon Dragon and Lulu

Educational Resources

Explore shadow puppetry by watching this video of one of the eight famous Chinese horses, Moon Dragon and making shadow puppets of your own. Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year!

YouTube Video:

Shadow puppet instructions:


In addition to this post, Lulu has a special message this week:

Lulu and Kindness

Nearly everyone in the entire world has experienced loss or sacrifice because of COVID-19. We need to stand up together during this health emergency and take care of ourselves and take care of each other. Lulu wants to remind you to BE KIND at this time and always. Stand up for others who may be experiencing hatred or blame for this pandemic. Join Lulu and design a badge or sticker that symbolizes how you stand up for kindness!

Visit our Educational Resources page to learn about symbols and make a fun Chinese Fortune Teller. Show your symbol of kindness and be a model of good behavior!