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Throwback Thursday: Women Who Shaped the Maxwell -- And Still Are!

2021 Maxwell Women

Women of the Maxwell March 2021

Maxwell History

This month we acknowledge Women’s History Month by celebrating some of the inspirational women who helped shape the Maxwell Museum.

Over the last month, we have acknowledged some of the many women who have shaped the nearly 90-year legacy of the Maxwell Museum. We end this month looking to the future; acknowledging current staff at the Museum and their many contributions to research, teaching, exhibitions, education, public engagement, and collection care. 

Row 1 (L to R): Alex Denning (Senior Collection Manager, Osteology), Kari Schleher (Curator of Archaeology), Lauren Fuka (Registrar, Senior Collection Manager, Ethnology)
Row 2 (L to R): Lisa Marie Johnson (Accountant), Sandy Lujan (Unit Administrator), Diane Tyink (Archivist)
Row 3 (L to R): Karen Price (Senior Collection Manager, Archaeology), Devorah Romanek (Curator of Exhibitions)
Row 4 (L to R): Lea McChesney (Curator of Education), Carla Sinopoli (Director), Amy Grochowski (Curator of Education)
Missing: Julie Torres, Administrator of the Office of Contract Archeology.

We acknowledge all of these staff (as well as our currently vastly outnumbered male staff) for their many contributions and are confident that these dedicated individuals will continue to Shape the Maxwell as we prepare to enter our 90th year serving UNM, New Mexico, and the larger anthropological community.