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Object Monday: Gallup black-on-white jar

Gallup Black-on-white jar (MMA 47.11.20)

Gallup Black-on-white jar (MMA 47.11.20)


This Gallup Black-on-white jar excavated was from the fill of room 3 at Bc59, a small site located on the south side of Chaco Canyon, in July of 1947. Gallup Black-on-white vessels were made for approximately 170 years, from 980 to 1150 A.D. They are typically decorated fine, detailed line work in the form of hatched designs, as is seen on this vessel.  This large jar was likely used for water or food storage. It has an estimated volume between three and four gallons! 

Gallup Black-on-white jar
35 cm tall x 96 cm max. circumference
BC59, Chaco Canyon
AD 980-1150
MMA 47.11.20