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Object Monday: Vidal Aragon necklace

Pendant, Vidal Aragon (MMA 73.15.3)

Pendant, Vidal Aragon (MMA 73.15.3)


This necklace was made by Kewa artist Vidal Aragon (1923-2015). It features a round silver pendant with one oval turquoise stone and five different kinds of animal tracks.

Vidal Aragon was born at Kewa Pueblo and lived there most of his life. He studied jewelry making when he was a student at Santa Fe Indian School and worked with Hopi silversmiths in Arizona to develop his personal style. Although he learned multiple techniques and styles, he became most recognized for his beautiful silver overlay work. He is known as the inventory of “story teller jewelry,” incorporating symbolism from Pueblo culture and stories into his jewelry.

The Maxwell Museum purchased this piece in 1973.

Name: Necklace
Artist: Vidal Aragon
Culture: Kewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Collection: Ethnology
Object: 73.15.3
Post by: Lauren Fuka