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Maxwell Museum Celebrates Pride 2021

Maxwell Museum Blog

Stonewall Uprising 50th Anniversary

This is Pride month, and the Maxwell invites you to join us celebrating it. After an unprecedented year of isolation and uncertainty, and in an era of political and social contention and tumult, when LGBTQ+ people have been both making great strides while also encountering political and social setbacks and threat, we take time to rejoice with members of these communities while acknowledging the challenges faced by those who are part of them.

LGBTQ+ people and communities have existed throughout the world and throughout time, and reflections of these cultures that add to the rich tapestry of human expression is found in museum collections as well, though often hidden or obscured.

As an additional observation of Pride month, we briefly reprise the Pride exhibition we exhibited in 2019 on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising that marked an official beginning to the Civil Rights movement of this broad community, and offer you the opportunity to download any or all of those posters, or you can visit the original website for that exhibition that was independently developed here: