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National Hispanic Heritage Month at the Maxwell: I. Weaving & Santero Traditions

Maxwell Museum Blog


To commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month, and to express our support for Latina/Latino/Latinx/Latine/Hispanic/Nuevomexicano communities, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology will be sharing relevant blog posts that highlight a few objects from our collection as well as past and upcoming exhibits/programs that reflect these cultures and that history.  We celebrate and recognize the cultures, contributions and history of the diverse communities that make up this population in New Mexico and the Nation, so check our blog and happy National Hispanic History Month!


                                                                                                   SALTILLO AND RIO GRANDE WEAVING TRADITIONS


                              In the more than 50 years since the Maxwell has been in its present location,

                              the Museum has hosted approximately 150 temporary exhibitions. In 1974,

                              a very special exhibition on Saltillo and Rio Grande textiles was featured.

                              In late 2020, we wrote about it and posted some pictures of these stunning

                              objects. To the left is a detail of a large Rio Grande Blanket with central

                              Saltillo motif, 1865-1875. (MMA 63.34.84)



                                                                                                     SANTERO TRADITIONS


In the 1990s, a world-class exhibit on the multi-generational tradition of saint carving

or painting saint took place. Featuring 90 works by individuals and families of northern

New Mexico, the exhibit traveled far and wide. We wrote about it and posted some

pictures of these remarkable objects. To the right is an exemplar by Félix López, from

1994, titled "Nuestra Señora del Rosario/Our Lady of the Rosary." The photo that we are

currently using in our National Hispanic Heritage Month banner on our homepage is 

of another piece titled, "Arbol de la Vida/Tree of Life" by Sabinita López Ortiz (1994).