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Student Success: Joe L. Ragland III

Maxwell Museum Blog

Joe L. Ragland III

Joe L. Ragland III
Home town: Albuquerque
Year’s employed: 4

Undergraduate: Psychology with Japanese minor
Public Programs Gallery Attendant with Mary Beth Hermans

Greeting and directing visitors to the Museum, managing visitor including counts, demographics and data entry; managing visitor studies evaluations, training gallery attendants.

Joe interacts with his co-workers, visitors and Maxwell staff with patience and respect. His ability to get along with every type of personality is quite impressive and will be greatly missed- he graduates in December. He has compiled extensive evaluative data on programs and exhibits and led a visitor studies evaluation.  Joe is consistent and dependable, always willing to pitch in to make Museum programs a success.

 “Working at the Maxwell has been rewarding in the sense that I’ve had the opportunity to meet many different people from various parts of the world. It’s given me the opportunity to focus on my studies while being able to maintain a solid job for the majority of my college career with a supportive work team that I soon will not forget. The encouragement I’ve received from Mary Beth Hermans, Henry Garcia and other staff members has been one of the driving forces in my life to finish my Bachelor’s degree.”