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Student Success: Micah Smith

Maxwell Museum Blog

Micah Smith

Micah Smith
Home town: Columbus, OH
Years at the Maxwell/OCA  4.5
Undergraduate in  Anthropology

Archaeologist/Ceramic Analyst at the Office of Contract Archeology

Fieldwork: Archaeological surveys and excavations, in-field recording artifacts using sub-meter GPS units, operating a Total Station

OCA Laboratory: recording attributes on ceramics collected from excavations, co-authoring ceramic analyses chapters and articles on archaeological research in professional publications.


Micah Smith is a very bright young man who has developed excellent skills and experience of a professional field archaeologist and southwestern ceramics analyst. He has become an invaluable resource to the Office of Contract Archeology where he participated on many archaeological CRM / research projects. Micah participated in numerous significant archaeological discoveries both in the field and at OCA laboratory. He has also co-authored various research papers with OCA lead archaeologists. Micah Smith is a great example of a success story of a once cash-strapped student who quit school in Chicago only to get back to it a few years later at UNM. He will be graduating in the spring of 2018.

"This is the first place I have worked that gave me the opportunity to learn ceramic analysis from scratch; I have also had the opportunity here to improve my GIS skills and to begin co-authoring reports and papers, giving me invaluable insight into how research projects come together for the future of my career."