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Where are they now? Mirjana Gacanich

Maxwell Museum Blog

Mirjana Gacanich

Mirjana Gacanich
Home town:  Socorro, NM
Currently: Kansas City, MO

Degree: BA English Studies Honors College
Major: English and Philosophy

Position at the Museum: Assistant Manager of digital outreach/Public Programs

How long working at the Maxwell: 2013-2017

Where are you now in your career?
I am finishing my first year of law school.

What skills did you learn at the Maxwell that brought success?
At the Maxwell I learned a lot about public programs and outreach. The work that I did for the Maxwell has translated into my legal studies in every way possible including working with many different departments for projects.

What advice would you give to current students?

Be as involved as possible, I had the opportunity to mean many different artists and donors through the different events that the Maxwell has hosted. You never know who is going to attend and what opportunities will come from working at the Maxwell.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I loved every minute of working with Mary Beth and she changed me for the better during my time at the museum.