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Homecoming Collections tour

Ethnology Collections tour
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 11:00am
Meet at the Maxwell galleries
Free and Open to All
Wirt Wills, Meghan Truckey, Karen E. Price
Hidden Collections: Archaeology and Ethnology
Reflecting a broad mission that encompasses the entire history of humankind, the museum's collections are worldwide in scope, with extensive holdings from throughout North, South, and Central America, as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. With its primary emphasis on the American Southwest, the Maxwell is world-renowned for its holdings from this region. Collections include archaeology, ethnology, archives, and human osteology
The Museum’s archaeological collections include ~70,000 individually catalogued objects, along with approximately 6,000 boxes of artifacts recovered through field research. Examples of individually catalogued objects include stone and bone tools, ceramic vessels and figurines, and jewelry manufactured from bone, stone, and shell.  Less common items include more fragile organic items such as arrows, cloth, basket fragments, and sandals.  Bulk boxed collections contain millions of artifacts, primarily stone, ceramic, and bone fragments.
The scope of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology’s Ethnology Collections is global. Over 17,000 objects represent peoples worldwide, but especially of the US Southwest, Plains and Northwest Coast; Latin America; Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia; and the Middle East. The Ethnology Collections also encompass a significant collection of paintings, prints and drawings, primarily of regional and Native American artists, as well as a recent donation of serigraphs made to scale of cave paintings worldwide.
Join Wirt Wills, Interim Curator of Archaeology, Meghan Truckey, Senior Collections Manager and Karen Price, Archaeology Collections Manager for the tour.
More information & reservations: 277-1400,