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LVIII JAR Distinguished Lecture: The Plight of the Kalahari San: Hunter-Gatherers in a Globalized World

Robert Hitchcock and Steve Kunta at Xaoxoba, 2017
Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 7:30pm
Anthropology Lecture Hall 163
Free and Open to All
Robert K. Hithcock

The 130,00 San of the Kalahari Desert region of southern Africa have diversified livelihoods that are undergoing significant change. This presentation explores the complexities of the challenges that San and their neighbours face, ranging from dispossession and marginalization to climate change and the impacts of globalization.  Some San have experienced involuntary resettlement from their ancestral areas and the criminalization of some of their livelihood strategies, notably hunting and gathering.  The San, for their part, have achieved significant success in organizing both locally and internationally to regain their land and resource rights.


free & open to the public. Venues are wheelchair-accessible.  The Anthropology Bldg. is on Redondo Rd. between Las Lomas & M.L.King.  Unless you have a UNM parking  permit, please park in a metered space either at Las Lomas & Redondo or along the W face of the Anthro. Bldg. on Redondo. Ticketing continues until 8 p.m. For information on  Journal of Aanthropological Research, published by the University of New Mexico since 1945,  go to  Subscriptions pay for the Lecture series.