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Ask the Maxwell Friday: Featuring Zuni Carver Daryl Shack Sr.

Mustang fetish carving by Daryl Shack Sr.

Mustang fetish carving by Daryl Shack Sr.

Ask the Maxwell

What artists do you feature in the Maxwell store?

Over the past few weeks, we have highlighted artist Calvert Bowannie and his raven fetish carvings and Judy Menefee’s Mimbres-inspired ceramic pieces in. Today, we highlight another artist whose work we are proud to feature in the Maxwell Museum Store: Daryl Shack Sr. 

Zuni (A:shiwi) fetish carver, Daryl Shack Sr., is an artist of many talents. The son of artists, he began carving as a young man. The Maxwell Store carries a number of his fetish carvings; today we feature his mustang fetishes.  Mr. Shack works in many materials: the carvings shown here are made on Egyptian marble, Hope onyx, magnesite, and two types of Picasso marble. He also works in Sigilite, White Marble, the appropriately named Wild Horse Stone, and even delicate Sandstone!  In addition to mustangs, he carves a variety of animals, including bears, wolves, frogs, rabbits, and porcupines, to name a few. The detail and variety of his fetish carvings are astonishing; hence his popularity in our shop and across many platforms. Daryl Shack Sr. is versatile artist who we are honored to feature here at the Maxwell Museum Store.

What does the mustang/horse fetish carving represent? From Pueblo Direct: The horse represents partnerships and strength. He also represents power and expanding one's abilities. Horse has innate healing powers.

Click here to purchase one of Daryl Shack’s mustang fetish carvings.

Post by Christian Duran and photos by Zong Moua

To learn more about Daryl Shack Sr., you can hear him talk about his work and life at I Am a Zuni Artist here